The Bowen Technique – which seems too gentle to have any effect – can help with problems such as backache and migraine, often when medicine can’t.

With over ten years of experience working with a wide variety of conditions Cambowen provides an effective physical treatment tailored to each client. Based in a village in South Cambridgeshire working in a calm and soothing treatment room.

The Bowen Technique is combined with massage and acu-pressure point work to provide the client with an effective treatment.

Are you in pain and have tried lots of therapies?

Cambowen seeks to relieve on-going problems such as frozen/stiff shoulders, back pain, anxiety, fatigue and post operational issues.The aim is to “get you off the couch and on your feet” as soon as possible, not months of expensive treatments.

Full body and life style advice is given in conjunction with the hands-on therapies. Looking at posture, habits and daily routines giving simple suggestions to help heal the client. Encouraging clients to break bad habits and realise the benefits of self-care and improvement.

A treatment for all

Cambowen has worked with all ages – babies, children, mums and grandparents.

In safe hands

Cambowen offers years of professional and personal experience in physical therapies. Classes in baby, children’s and even adult massage can also be offered. Beyond the treatment table events can be arranged for corporate, social and fundraising occasions.

“Quite simply one of the most effective hands on therapies available”