Mother and Baby


Pregnancy is a time of nurturing, preparation and a moment to reflect before the birth.   But it can also be an exhausting time when the body needs some help.   A pregnancy massage will offer pain relief, particularly in the back, help with insomnia and assist in the grounding of the mother during this time of change.   Postnatally it is harder for the mother to put her needs first but a treatment can relieve tired shoulders from the long hours of feeding and carrying a baby and relieve any other stresses and strains in the body.

The type of treatment offered at Cambowen is a combination of remedial massage, Shiatsu and the Bowen Technique.  Thorough and in depth training with the organisation provided the therapist with a full qualification in Pre and Post Natal Massage. The session uses Song Bird natural oils that are bees wax based and beautifully nourish the skin.  Not only are massage techniques used but also the therapist stretches the body to assist in releasing stress in the body.The session is normally 1 1/4 hours long and should leave the client feeling relaxed and revived.

The therapist has 3 children and each child’s birth was very different; so her personal experience can help her to give advice to the mother. Postnatally if there is not a time that the baby can be left with another carer then Cambowen encourages the mother to bring the baby. The treatment can then be carried out around the baby, also the length of time can be flexible and Cambowen will charge less if the session is shorter – mother’s needs come first here!  An additional bonus is that the baby can receive a massage and the mother can be shown some simple techniques to relieve any common issues such as colic.

BABY MASSAGE – lessons for parents and carers

Baby massage is a special time for new babies and parents, a time to slow down and connect with each other.  When massaging a baby it is a wonderful form of communication, it can induce relaxation and also help to relieve discomfort such as in the abdomen.   When the anthropologist Ashley Montagu was asked what he thought of massage he said “People don’t realise that communication for a baby, the first communications it receives and the first language of its development, is through the skin.”  Not only does the baby benefit but the person giving the massage should become more relaxed and feel a sense of bonding with the baby.

At Cambowen baby massage is taught using simple massage and Bowen technique moves.  A baby massage routine is taught and a printed sheet and bottle of massage oil are given to each mother to practice at home.  For each baby’s needs additional specific moves are shown to help with health issues such as colic and wind and the therapist has many years of personal experience working with babies and children.

Baby Massage classes are normally run over 4 weeks and with a group size of maximum 6 babies and mums. A one-to-one teaching session is also an option. Classes are either held at the therapist’s home or externally at a client’s home or other venue. Each class lasts approximately 1 hour, allowing time for feeding and changing. Post class refreshments are usually offered to give everyone a chance to chat post class.