FROZEN SHOULDER  woman, aged 29 
4 treatments

As conventional medicine was struggling to alleviate the restriction and pain.  I was advised by  rheumatologist to seek alternative help.  I tried several other therapists but nothing helped.  I tried the Bowen Technique and after four sessions was amazed to feel the pain restriction fade. Now I have Bowen once every few months to maintain the health benefits.

SCIATICA  man, aged 40                                                                                                                                         
1 treatment

P. was unable to put weight on his right foot and was in severe pain fro the buttock down the leg.  He was extremely tense.  The therapist observed his body relax during the treatment and when he left he was virtually pain free and walking normally.

BABY MUCUS  Lucy aged 39 and Josephine newborn

Claire Mackenzie came to treat Josephine 7 days after she was born in December 2011. I had had a natural but very quick birth with the 2nd stage of labour lasting 2 minutes and consequently Josephine was very full of mucus. Claire treated her very gently once a week for about 4 weeks.

Throughout each consultation Josephine was calm and within a few weeks was totally mucus free. She had failed her hearing test in hospital due to being so full of mucus but when I went back a few weeks later her ears were totally clear. The Bowen technique is so gentle that Claire often practised whilst Josephine was sleeping making it stress free for both the baby and me!

Claire also treated me for lower back pain and general post birth aches. Again I was treated once a week for a period of 4 weeks and then follow up treatments. My back pain totally eased after only a few sessions of Bowen meaning I could enjoy those special early days and the realignment work that Claire did post-labour was particularly helpful.

I would have no hesitation in recommending both Claire and Bowen to a newborn babies and their mothers.


I visited Claire for Bowen Technique to help with digestive issues.  I found the sessions, relaxing, non invasive and easy to follow.  Claire has a wonderful way of making you feel calm and relaxed, which aids the process greatly.  I cannot recommend her treatment highly enough, and my only regret is that she moved away from Ealing so I can no longer visit her practice!

TUMMY PROBLEMS   Sarah Rees, age 54

I had lots of Bowen treatments with Claire following my tummy problems.  She was so kinds and gentle, I felt relaxed. She made me feel better.


I had a series of Bowen treatments after my pneumonia.  The treatments were gentle and relaxing.  Claire explained everything as she went along.  The sessions left me feeling energised and my breathing less laboured.  I would highly recommend Claire.


I must confess I was a little apprehensive that Bowen would do much to help me when I first went to see Claire Mackenzie.  I’ve now had a number of sessions with her and my initial cynicism has proved to be completely unfounded.  To date she’s helped my long standing problem with an achey and inflexible back due to disc surgery, cured a problem with a sore knee, improved a digestive issue and even given me some temporary relief from a constant long standing tinnitus ailment.  My creaky body is now a whole lot less creaky thanks to Claire and I would positively recommend her and the Bowen Technique to anyone thinking about giving it a try.  Claire’s a great listener and really seems to understand how to treat a specific issue as well as dealing with a client as a person rather than a problem …. plus she’s positive and personable too.

PROLAPSED DISC           Matt Fyffee Loose Aged 42

I started treatment with Claire after suffering a nasty prolapsed disc. I was in a lot of pain and my movement was seriously impaired. I had no experience of this type of treatment, but found Claire and her personalised care dramatically sped my recovery. In a small handful of sessions I made rapid progress and was quickly back on my feet.

CANCER PATIENT        Claire Aged 54

Following a diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer and a tumour on the lung I found the Cambridge Cancer Help Centre where they offered complementary treatments.  There I received Bowen from Claire.  She instantly made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She listened to me and I felt we instantly clicked.  I was suffering from a bad back, pelvic discomfort and the pain radiated down into my knees and I also suffered tightness across my upper back and shoulders.  I was also sleeping very badly.  After a few Bowen treatments the pain had dissipated and I was sleeping well again. I return to Claire for top ups, to deal with any pain, for relaxation and a health boost.  One reason I liked Bowen from the start was it was a holistic treatment that could be done fully clothed and made me feel physically and mentally better.