Supporting Cancer


” There’s something magical that happens in the hour enjoying the Bowen Technique with Claire. ” 

Linda at the Cambridge Cancer Help Centre


Once a week Claire works at the Cambridge Cancer Help Centre.  Here she treats those with cancer and their carers with the Bowen Technique.  She has been working there for 3 years and in May 2019 she became a trustee.  She is the lead therapist at the centre, her role is to create a strong team who support each other and also act as a point of referral for the clients at the centre.

Claire has experience working with men and women with cancer and at all stages of the condition.  She has frequently worked post operationally with clients. The Bowen Technique offers a gentle but very effective treatment for those suffering or recovering from cancer.  The technique is very popular at the Centre and often there is a waiting list.  The most common conditions that she has worked on at the Centre are sciatica, shoulder pain, neck ache, knee problems, lumber pain, abdominal discomfort, numbness in the limbs and migraines. The Bowen Technique is an ideal treatment for clients presenting with ongoing discomfort.